Israel: A Journey Through Time (6 DVD Set)

Exploration Films


An exciting six-part DVD documentary series. Filmed entirely in Israel, this series offers a Christian perspective on the history of the Jewish people from Abraham to Armageddon.
Winner of The Aurora Award.

My wife and I just viewed "Israel, A Journey Through Time" in its entirety, in one sitting! It was that captivating and informative and factual. Beyond that, it's urgent, we believe, that all Christians come to a deeper understanding of our Jewish roots and heritage and our link to the destiny of Israel. The Apostle Paul says we Christians are "grafted into" the original tree and roots of His dealings with man in relationship -- and too many Christians don't even know what we've been grafted into. It's high time we found out, and this series is a graduate course."
- Pat Boone / Singer / Lyricist of song "This Land Is Mine" theme song of Exodus.

Media Format: ‎ Box set, Color, DVD, NTSC, Widescreen

Run time: 4 hours and 30 minutes
Release date: ‎ April 7, 2009

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DVD (Video):
  • All Region (NTSC)

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