KJV Large Print Wide Margin Bible - Hardcover

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Hendrickson Bibles   Hendrickson reintroduces its popular Large Print Wide Margin Reference Bible - but now with a fresh, new setting of the King James Version Bible.
This special edition of the KJV provides generous margins on three sides of every page, which leaves plenty of room for recording sermon notes, personal reflections on the Bible, and study group notes.

End-of-verse cross-references help readers follow a topic throughout the Bible, and a brand new concordance provides helpful guidance on locating where particular words are to be found in the text.

Special Features:
  • Extra-wide side and bottom margins for making detailed notes
  • Easy-to-read 11-point type
  • End-of-verse cross-references
  • 76-page concordance to aid in-depth study
  • Personal presentation page
  • Ribbon marker (Flexisoft, Bonded & Genuine Leather)
  • Gilded page edges (Flexisoft, Bonded & Genuine Leather)
1632 Pages
Published by Hendrickson Bibles

Available in the following formats:

  • Hardcover

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