Common Bond - Book

CSN International

Todd Braschler & Jill Laffoon
We share common bonds - not just of faith or family, but also of struggle, triumph, and loss in our lives. Our common bonds can bring us comfort, hope, and encouragement when facing heart-wrenching issues such as divorce, abandonment, loss, fear, and hopelessness.
Together we can experience how to:

  1. Overcome the pain and anger from the loss of a loved one.
  2. Accept our failures and still be confident in serving God and His kingdom.
  3. Find the strength and encouragement to meet daily challenges with enthusiasm.
Read the true stories from people such as Gracia Burnham whose husband, Martin, was killed while serving as a missionary, and Kone Manzi, who was abandoned by her birth mother in Seoul, Korea and adopted by a couple in the United States. These and other inspirational vignettes are reflected in the powerful and faith strengthening-songs included in the full-length musical CD within the book. This free CD by popular worship leader Todd Braschler includes songs like Worthy After All, God is a Dreamer, and more. The unique book and CD celebrate the importance of serving God and our usefulness within the family of believers.

Todd Braschler is a member of the famous Braschler singing family based in Branson, MO. He serves as the president of Todd Braschler Ministries and travels over 80,000 miles throughout the year to present worship concerts and speaking opportunities in churches and other venues across the country.

116 Pages • Free Music CD included
Published by New Leaf Publishing Group

Available in the following formats:

  • Paperback

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