God's Big Book Of Animals - Book

New Leaf Publishing Group

Orit Kashtan
Discover the secrets of your favorite animal’s odd behaviors, such as why woodpeckers don’t get headaches, how octopuses change colors, and what helps insects walk sideways and even upside down!

From shrews to skunks, elephants to Emperor penguins, learn about 50 animals in all! This fun kids book is filled with full-color images of each creature, as well as their behavior and habitats. Also the engaging and humorous text inspires praise to God for the work of His hands!

208 Pages
Published by New Leaf Publishing
Publication Date: 2018
Dimensions: 8.50 X 11.00 X 0.75 (inches)
Ages: 9-11

Available in the following formats:

  • Paperback

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