Blue Spooner Mug "My cup runneth over" Psalms 23:5

River Christian Fellowship

This mug was designed for Pastor Mike Kestler's Church, The River Christian Fellowship's Women's Tea. 

Create warm feelings with this bright periwinkle blue spooner mug! This 8-oz spooner mug has a matte black exterior and a Bright Periwinkle blue interior with a matching spoon. 

The outside is imprinted with a reminder that your "Cup runneth over" Psalms 23.5 so you can start your day with the warm drink within and a reminder of the warmth of our Father's words.

This price includes the mug and the spoon. It is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. 

8oz. / 4" tall / imprinted area 2"x1-1/4"  

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