Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason: Refuting Alleged Bible Contradictions - Book


Jason Lisle   Critics often claim that the Bible cannot be true because it has contradictions. Other critics hear this claim and repeat it. But few bother to check to see if it is really true. A popular list of 439 alleged Bible contradictions has been circulating on the Internet for years.   Many critics refer to this list as the definitive proof that the Bible is flawed. But apparently none of them bothered to actually check. Interestingly, not one of these 439 claims is a genuine contradiction. This shows that critics generally do not perform careful scholarship.
  • When critics allege that the Bible has contradictions, Christians should be ready and able to provide an intelligent answer.
  • The idea that people reject the Bible for good, intellectual reasons is a myth and it needs to be exposed as such.
  • In the process of researching the biblical text, we learn more about God and His sovereignty throughout human history.
The Bible really is supremely accurate and self-consistent; critics of the Bible are not. Although there are a handful of Christian resources for answering alleged Bible contradictions, none are so expansive in so short a volume. Each answer is as concise as possible, so that the book is not overly cumbersome. Many Christians have heard the claim that the Bible has contradictions and they would like to be better equipped to answer the critic. This book is for them!

352 Pages
Published by Master Books

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  • Paperback

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