The Coming Global Transformation

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An End Times Audio Presentation

Gripping! Thought-Provoking!
Entertaining and Informative!
A Dramatic, Twenty-One Chapter, Audio Book that wrestles with the questions of skeptics and believers.

These are truly perilous and exciting times! Every prophetic sign is ramping up before our eyes! The Coming Global Transformation is a riveting end times audio drama that uniquely plays out future end time events in such an eerily, and realistic way, that you will actually feel as If you are there experiencing the incredible events along with the characters.

These 3 CDs contains years of biblical and secular research that now helps to explain what s currently happening globally in the headlines. Mankind is headed into a shocking period of time that was predicted long ago by the ancient Hebrew prophets and the New Testament apostles.

Are you ready to confront your future? On the surface, Richard and Danielle were an ordinary married couple who looked to the future with great expectation. But beneath the surface, they knew that something was wrong. Somewhere behind the veil of life as usual, there was a reality they had never been exposed to a reality that contained the true nature of extraterrestrial sightings, apparitions, and End Times Bible prophecy.

For Richard, Danielle, and millions of others, the world was about to change ... dramatically. But would they change with it? Discover the truth, as you listen to The Coming Global Transformation. This high quality audio presentation is a drama based on actual news events and of many last days Bible prophecies. Though most of the characters and settings are fictional, all of the numerous news articles, books and references quoted within this drama are real as are the Scripture references.

Running Time: 170 minutes

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Please Note:
This is a fictional work. The views and opinions expressed within are not necessarily those of CSN.

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