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Divine Dilemma: Wrestling with the Question of a Loving God in a Fallen World

In Divine Dilemma, Ken Ham confronts this topic head-on, using personal accounts of illness and loss from within his own family. You and your family will identify with these experiences in this powerful and practical book dealing with one of the most difficult questions we all must face. He understands that, as Christians, we do struggle and grieve in this world, and that is understandable. But, yes, there are answers from God’s Word. And, no … death is not the end.

Down through the ages, one of the biggest issues people have grappled with is why death, disease, and suffering exist in this world. From a human perspective, death appears to be the end for each person, and it is heartbreaking.

For the Christian, this can be a terrible dilemma: how can we understand death and suffering when the Bible teaches that our Creator God is a loving God?

For the secularist, it’s a reason to reject God and mock Christians for their belief in a loving God.

Is there an answer to this seemingly insurmountable problem? Is death really the end?

In this unique, and at times, emotional book, author Ken Ham speaks from God’s Word and his heart, not only sharing his own personal struggles with this topic but revealing the ultimate solution.

  • The Right Question
  • Making Sense of Suffering
  • Why Doesn't He Heal?
  • Beyond the Grave
  • Beauty from Ashes
  • The Vantage Point of Time
  • Between Now and Then
  • The Last "Goodbye"
  • Death a Shadow

About the Author

KEN HAM is the founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis (U.S.), the acclaimed Creation Museum, and the popular Ark Encounter with over one million visitors annually. As one of the most in-demand speakers in North America, he has authored dozens of apologetic resources with over three million books sold. Ken's emphasis is on the relevance and authority of the book of Genesis and how compromise on Genesis has opened a dangerous door regarding how the culture and church view biblical authority.

224 Pages
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