Grace: God's Riches at Christ's Expense - Book


GRACE, the title of this book is shorthand for The Biblical Doctrines of Grace and should not be confused with The Reformed Doctrines of Grace. The Reformed doctrines of Grace represent another designation for The Five Points of Calvinism, while the Biblical Doctrines of Grace are neither Reformed nor Calvinistic in any way. Where there may be agreement between the two, it is unrelated to what can legitimately be considered Reformed or Calvinist distinctives. If you have read my earlier books (The Five Points of Calvinism: Weighed and Found Wanting and The Dark Side of Calvinism:The Calvinist Caste System) you will understand why I make a distinction between what I believe to the Biblical doctrines of grace and the Reformed doctrines of grace. After reading these other books, many Christians (some who agreed with me and some who disagreed with me) suggested I write a book about the doctrine of salvation that focused on and emphasized more of what I believe versus what I don’t believe. GRACE is that book. -George Bryson

 Pages: 130

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