It’s Time: The Revelation Series

CSN International

It’s Time to Grow in your faith and learn about the promises of God found in the book of Revelation.

It’s Time, The Revelation Series is a collection of preaching and teaching from Pastor Mike Kestler, spanning 31 episodes and 15 hours. In this collection, you’ll find verse-by-verse, precept-by-precept teaching that will help you understand the visions John had on the isle of Patmos. 

The commentary on the Revelation is the rest of the Bible, and Pastor Mike Kestler shows you that commentary as he teaches through the entire book. Along the way, he answers common questions and dispels myths about the rapture, the Mark of the Beast, the 144,000, and other difficult passages found in Revelation.

This series is an excellent gift for any believer who wants to grow in their knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and is a great tool for evangelism. You’ll get all 31 episodes on one USB thumb-drive for easy access.

Produced by CSN International, Inc.

Format: MP3 Audio on USB
Approx. runtime: 15 hours
Note: USB drive and wooden case only. Bible (pictured) not included.

Available in the following formats:

  • Digital Files on a USB Drive

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