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#1 – How Low Will God Go? (2 Chronicles 33:1-13): There are some people today who believe that doing several good deeds eventually outweighs any offense against God. The truth is, however, when you stand before the heavenly King, He won’t judge you based on your standards—He judges you based on His. But in this look at the story of Manasseh, Tony Evans unveils the fortunate truth that no matter how low you might get, He is still always willing to meet you right where you are.

#2 – Remembering God’s Faithfulness (Joshua 4:1-24): When God parted the waters of the Jordan river for the Israelites, He provided to them a breakthrough in a way they hadn’t seen in over 40 years. But unlike the parting of the Red Sea, God then instructed them to create what the Bible calls stones of remembrance. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the significance of noting what God has done so that we might remember what He will do.

#3 – How to Solve a Dilemma (Exodus 14:1-31): When you face a dilemma in your life, you’re faced with a disaster, a lose-lose scenario where your circumstances have boxed you in. But the Bible gives us many solutions on how to address these situations, and Tony Evans wants you to know how best to deal with them from a scriptural point-of-view. In this look at the Israelites and their bondage in Egypt, learn the four pieces of wisdom Moses left behind on what to do in the middle of a dilemma.

#4 – Why God Wants to Bless You (Luke 5:1-11): Whether it’s home, work or family, we all want God’s blessings to fall upon every area of our lives. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to receive His blessings, but they’re much more two-sided than most people can comprehend. Join Tony Evans as he explains the concept of blessings by answering the question, “Why does God want to bless us in the first place?”

#5 – The Return of God to His People (1 Samuel 7:1-14): You might be aware of what it feels like to endlessly search for a word from God but never seeming to get any kind of response. The same can be said about the Israelites who waited twenty years to hear back from Him. Tony Evans says the reason you may be living under such oppression is that idols have taken over His role in your life. Learn how God is calling you to return to Him so He can give back what the enemy has taken.

#6 – How to Understand a Thorn (2 Corinthians 12:7-10): If a large cloud of fog is only composed of a single glass of water, then how does such a big problem stem from such a tiny source? Tony Evans says fog is just like the thorns of life: little irritations that can cause big complications. If you can’t see God, hope or anything beyond what’s in front of your eyes, learn why God places difficulties in our lives for a multitude of reasons—not just to grow you, but also to bring Him glory.

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