Spotty Leopard's Birthday Party Picnic Surprise - Book

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This beautifully illustrated children's book inspires young readers as each of Spotty Leopard's friends bring a different item to her birthday party picnic, walking children and the adults who love them through the alphabet.

Spotty Leopard's Birthday Party Picnic Surprise by Michael Kamplain is a charming children's book written for his granddaughter Perrie that follows the tale of Spotty Leopard and her friends. Michael writes about his love for his granddaughter and how she inspired the story. As an educator, Michael creatively uses different characters each bringing an item to the picnic to go through the alphabet. This provides an exercise that is fun but also helps children learn.

Michael Kamplain is a working Pastor, college instructor and marriage and family counselor. He also works as a producer for a faith-based film company. He is a husband and father of two adult sons and has two grandchildren. The oldest grandchild is the inspiration for this book. He and his wife currently reside in Boise, Idaho close to their youngest son, his wife and their grandchildren.

Paperback: 38 Pages

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